Are you bored of you-yo dieting.  Or going on a diet really well and then boom!  Smoothen happens and you’re left further away than you were in the first place.  Feeling like crap and just wanting an easy way out.

I’m not going to tell you fat loss and coming to love your body is easy.  If I did I’d be lying.  And I endeavour to always tell the truth.

And this is the truth – taking a step back and reflecting upon what you’ve set out to do and the method.  And objectively assessing where you are and how you feel about the change.  You can, and will, gain a new perspective that will allow you better long lasting results.

For life.

And that’s what I’m giving you today.  Have a watch of this video or carry on reading below for more information and your free guide.

Defining what is and isn’t working is imperative to success.  Because there is no point killing yourself aiming for cutting carbs, sugar, alcohol and more.  And forcing yourself to the gym 5-6x per week if you’re just going to get over tired, more likely to slip up and then feel guilty about it.  Because F that.

Start with what you’re confident with.  And gain success. The momentum gained by lots of small wins is huge.

And that’s where the real results that last come in.

Pick one behaviour for 14 days.  Be over a 7/10 confident that you can do it for 14 days.  Then do that again.  Small changes add up.

For a free guide to assist you in breaking down your big goal(s) into smaller more actionable ones go here.  I’ve created a free guide for you to do just that.

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Yaas! Give it to me!