I can literally hear you yawn at the New Years Resolution question.  And I feel you.  But I also feel those of you who love this time of year.

Because it is a chance to reflect, refine and develop.  To refresh and start embedding some new foundational habits if you so choose.

The great thing about New Year Resolutions is that they do prompt you to look back and forwards.  And to make a commitment to grow and make any changes that you are dreaming of.  Whether that’s something like spending less time at work, getting more fit an healthy or spending more time with friends, family or kids.

The opposite side of them is a challenge.  They’re not always successful because of the pressure they can cause.  With everyone checking in to see how you’re getting on.  And then the potential guilt if you feel that you could be doing better.

The success of these types of goals comes down to a few things.  And I’ve explained it here below with a free gift for you.

The things that will help you do your best are these:

  • Setting SMART goals
  • Understanding the possible obstacles
  • Being creative with ways to overcome those obstacles
  • Compassion for yourself (and those around you) whilst you’re on your journey
  • The courage to commit to making a change

This January, I really want you to do your best.  And if you’re goal is health, fitness and balance.  As well as confidence, strength and mindset from the inside to out.  I know this is for you.

The average compliance during the last bodybreakthrough was 72%, and the average weight loss was 6.6lb during the two weeks with the highest amount being 14lbs.

I look forward to seeing you there and if you have questions you will find the answers here.

Starting 6th January...

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