You’re in pain.  You’ve been staring at your phone/computer/books for too long.  The tension in your shoulders and/or lower back is excruciating.  And its getting worse.  It’s even starting to affect your mood and how you train in the gym.

The thing is that as you move less and less, as you get more stressed and as hydration/nutrition is less than it’s best the body ends up tightening up and becoming more painful.  It is trying to protect itself.  Consequently you feel like moving less and less.

But that’s a circle as the pain and dull aches are getting worse.

Today I’m introducing you to the ability to create instant change.  By applying some simple ‘shifting the skin’ techniques in the places mentioned in this week’s ‘Creating Instant Change Cheat Sheet‘ you can feel better straight away.  And I truly mean that.

So to create instant change all you need to do is foam roll/massage/scrub the skin in certain places.  This allows the glued/stuck/tight tissues to become more mobile.  This then has repercussions on the whole body tension removing pain.

It’s as if you’ve been wearing a tight wetsuit that is compressing you then by doing the releases at the points mentioned here you’re taking that wetsuit off.  The result of which is that you can move unrestricted and pain free once again.

Not only does this prevent likelihood of injury, it also means that you can concentrate harder and perform better.

Where you think the pain is – the root cause is not.  Take a copy of your cheat sheet this week to locate where your pain may be coming from.

Create Instant Pain Management

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