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Part 2 – Programming 101

Well this is what we do. Training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching – this one is the training part. Because despite your best efforts, sometimes you feel like you’re treading water when you’re at the gym. Or perhaps you have an injury that means some of the moves you used to use (and worked for you) you can longer use. Or maybe you’re looking for life long body composition changes for an event like a wedding or big birthday party that will last. Programming that is fun, gets you to where you want to be and doesn’t break your body along the way.

So we’re unlocking two of our programming secrets for you right now. So you can understand the sciences and systems we use to create amazing results every time. Because you deserve those results too.

Results aren’t for the elite. For everyone else. They are for you. We care about you and want to give you the knowledge you want to make the empowered choices in your training to get the results you desire.

And this is how we do it.

Secret 1 – 4Q Programming

4Q programming is a system we learnt from the Institute of Motion and live by. We live by it because it makes programs fun, balanced and reduces the risk of injury whilst improving posture, burning a shed ton of calories and boosting fat loss.

‘4Q’ = Four Quadrants

The quadrants are formed by two contunums – vertical and horizontal. The vertical continuum is loaded to unloaded and the horizontal continuum is linear to 3D. By training in all four quadrants throughout your program you can ensure that your program is well-balanced and promotes mobility, recovery, strength, stability and intensity. All of which are imperative when working towards ANY and ALL goals.

The upper left quadrant (LLT) is linear movement with external resistance. This is long established as strength training and promotes muscle hypertrophy, hormonal balance, improvements in stability, strength and power as well as improved coordination.

The lower left quadrant (ULT) is linear movement that is unloaded and is often used to re-educate the neuromuscular activity patterns to mobilise joints, facilitate motor efficiency and activate the weak links.

The lower right quadrant (UMT) is 3D movement which is unloaded. These are bodyweight drills that may or may not include equipment. This modality improves stability, motor learning, SAQ and reaction capabilities.

The upper right quadrant (LMT) is 3D movement with external resistance. The benefits include greater adaptations to muscles, fascia, nerve, skin as well as lower compressive forces, increased hormonal balance, multi-directional stability, strength and power and inter-muscluar coordination.

In an effort to balance your program ensure choosing drills and movements that incorporate all quadrants. More information will be given all this month in the facebook community group so do make sure you’re in there.

Secret 2 – Train to your exercise personality

When it comes to working out not everyone is the same; some people like variety in everything that they do. These kinds of people want crazy workouts that effectively make people stop, look and check out what is going on.   Other people, not so much – they prefer calm, practical and routine based programs that help them feel secure and see focus progression. And then of course there are the people in the middle who like a moderate amount of both.

Tailoring programs to you is something that can easily be done by finding out your PTA Global #moStyle or exercise personality with the short quiz below.

Your #moStyle can be found out simply by answering the three questions below and scoring yourself:

  • Is it more important for you to feel challenged or feel structured during your workouts?
  • Challenged = Progressive
  • Structured = Traditional
  • When you need to reduce stress are you more likely to do activities that are exciting and adventurous or activities that are calming and practical?
  • Exciting & Adventurous = Progressive
  • Calming & Practical = Traditional
  • Do you enjoy exercise more when it involves a routine that you can adhere to or one that offers variety?
  • Variety = Progressive
  • Routine = Traditional

If you scored ALL answers either one or the other you are as stated, if you stated 1 or two or each of answered ‘both’ to some of the questions you are hybrid.

If you’re traditional you prefer exercises that are more ‘old school’ and structured. If you’re progressive you prefer more variety, unknown movements and minimal rules. Hybrid and you’re a bit of both.

By having your exercise personality known and noted you can make a more informed decision about the style and type of exercise you choose so that you can really enjoy each workout (and therefore be more consistent in the gym). (=results! Yay!)

Some of you will prefer to have a very specific and practical purpose for every movement and that means you are more the traditional style. Or maybe you’ll prefer to go on an adventure with your movements and exercise without needing a practical reason and you are a more progressive style. If you enjoy both once again you are more of a hybrid style.  Mostly you may float along a traditional to progressive continuum that changes day to day, your lifestyle and your stress levels.   By remaining adaptable to your daily needs and desires ensures that you will remain consistent with your training.

The Take Homes

By understanding 4Q and picking exercises that match your personality you will boost your consistency, results, increase your metabolism and gain hormonal balance. This is what we call next level results. Accelerated. For Life.

There is an absolute ton of information here and that’s been done on purpose. Because it’s a big topic and there are a ton on take homes. This whole month we are going all out on this and will be sharing a lot of information in our facebook community group. We will be using several mediums – FB Live, VLOGs and Webinars so connect with us. We really care that you get these systems because they work – get them in here.   We want to back up these sciences, systems and tools to facilitate you taking action.   And we can only do that if you actually show up in the group.

For now, because I know you want to take some immediate action that’ll improve how you feel here’s a freebie for you. Decide upon one change that will benefit your programming and do that day in day our for 14 days.

We have 4 more freebies relating to this topic up for grabs all this month so make sure you’re around to get them. Not only that but you’ll receive priority passes to our webinars.

And make sure to stay up to date in our community group here to get access to all of our content as it comes.

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