Are you looking to make a health and fitness change in 2018? Are you done with not feeling good enough? Or that you’ve tried so many times before and just nothing sticks? Perhaps you’ve tried all the diets under the sun and are sick of the short-lived results? Or maybe you’re already doing the training and nutrition and you want a boost.

You’re a woman who’s been pushed into doing things that are ‘the right and best thing to do’ and you’re just not feeling it. And consequently you don’t really enjoy it that much. So the results you’re dreaming of feel hard, frustrating and sometimes even unachievable.

This is why I’ve created the bodybreakthrough.

Because eating healthy and doing more exercise doesn’t need to be restrictive or life-consuming. In fact I would beg to the fact that it needs to be the complete opposite.

Having been almost 100kg and as low as 45kg in my time (with plenty of yo-yo’s in between) I can confidently say that I’ve tried it all. I’ve tried atkins, paleo, low carb, high carb, intermittent fasting as well as running marathons, fell running, crossfit, strength training and triathlon. Plus a multitude of mixes of it all. I’ve tried training up to three times a day, or 3 times a week and it was tough. But I’ve learnt so much. And I want to share it with you.

Having been in the fitness industry for over a decade I’ve been lucky enough to train thousands of women I know how much pressure is put upon us. To be smaller, to be lighter, to be fitter, to be sexy and to fit into the smallest and tightest clothes possible. And take hours making ourselves feel good – only to feel worse in the end.

Because no matter what happens in your health and fitness, if you don’t feel good in you and the choices you’re making the whole thing just leaves you feeling less than your best.

#BB2018 is a tried and proven way to kick start your year. Get you feeling on top of the world. And be the kind of girl who shines from the inside out. It’s designed to give you the education, fun and empowerment to be your best. Start your year building foundational habits that will take you through to feeling your best.

Breaking through to your best you.

That’s what this is about. Allowing you to embed the lifestyle that will make you look your best on the outside and feel your best on the inside too.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions of women, just like you, who are thinking about committing to the #BB2018:

  1. How long does the challenge last?

The challenge last 14 days, and begins this year on the 6th January. So it will finish on the 20th. We’re starting the challenge shortly after new year because we know it sometimes takes a while to get over the merriment and indulgence of new year.   We’ve also planned it to start on a Saturday so you’ve got plenty of time to read through the guides and get everything sorted to make the most of the challenge during the week.

  1. Who is the challenge for?

Anyone. Anyone who is looking to really make a change to their health and fitness in the year ahead. Especially women, just like you, who have been struggling with their body confidence, knowing what to do or just not getting the results they deserve. Women who are just sick and tired of starting new restrictive diets and punishing exercise regimes that leave them with quick results that just don’t last. We accelerate results. For life. It’s what we do.

If you’re the kind of person who is ready to commit to a lifestyle that makes them feel great from the inside out. Who is ready to make habit changes in nutrition, lifestyle and movement. And who is willing to commit to having some fun, learning lifelong skills and being held accountable. Then this is it.

  1. I have an injury, can I do it?

Yes. As an experience pain therapist and sports massage therapist for over a decade I have the tools and advice necessary to support you. I’ve helped people overcome paralysis, fused spines, sciatica, ACL reconstructions and dislocated shoulders in my time. I take a whole integrated look at the body to find the real root cause of the problem rather than just treating the pain.

All I ask is that if you have a specific injury that you get clearance from your doctor or physiotherapist to engage in exercise. And contact me directly on to let me know your injury and history. That way I can advise you on progressions and regressions applicable to you, your injury and your goal.

  1. Do I have to be a gym member or have access to fancy equipment?

No. If you do then great. If not then you’ll be joining me. I will be doing the challenge with you – and I don’t currently have access to a gym. Nor do I have any fancy equipment at home. If you have some dumbells at home then great, if not you can use makeshift weights such as water bottles or heavy bags as a supplement.

  1. What exactly does the challenge consist of and how much time am I going to need?

The challenge is made up of lifestyle hacks, nutrition and movement. This is how it’s broken down.

  • Journaling prompts to allow you to objectively see where you are and where you’d like to be. And how you’ll get there. Including how you’ll overcome any obstacles that may come up for you.
  • 5x per week movement sessions. These you will be able to do in a gym environment, outside or in your own home.
  • Exercise demonstrations and explanations via video on the #BB2018 Members Lounge area on Facebook.
  • Shopping lists – to allow you to buy all the food that you need to be able to fulfill the nutrition part of the challenge.
  • Recipes cards – to give you the simple and exact way to make tasty and nutritious recipes to feel good from the inside out.
  • Habit tracking via daily check ins so that you can see your consistency, gain accountability and make the best of the challenge by clearing up confusion as to what you’ll be doing each day.
  • Worksheets to give you laser focus on what you specifically need to do to tailor the challenge to your lifestyle and goal.
  • Support and accountability from me and the BB2018 tribe in the members lounge area on facebook. You’ll be able to post whenever you want to ask me anything.
  • Daily FBLives where I will give you all you need to gain success each day and ask me questions.
  • Clear email instructions detailing your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle habits each day.


On average the workouts take up about 30 minutes each day and can be done at any time to suit you. You will also have nutrition and lifestyle habits that will take awareness each day as well as 2 weekend preparation sessions. These preparation sessions will be guided an will be set for each Sunday during the challenge. During these prep sessions you will be given recipes to prepare as well as journaling prompts to set yourself up for success during the week. On average these prep sessions will take, on average, a total of 2 hours.

  1. Can my friends do it with me?

YAAS! Friends that train together stay together. All you need to do is forward this link to them

  1. I’m a brand new exerciser, will it be too much for me?

The training is actually designed for all levels of exerciser. So whether you’re fresh, a beast or somewhere in between you’ll find the movements work for you. The difficulty of the training will come down to the weights, speed and tempo that you use. Don’t worry, I’ll be explaining exactly how to tweak each program to you during our FBLives. You’ll be able to see those when you’re in the Members Lounge on Facebook which only #bb2018’ers get access to.

  1. I’ve been training a while, really hard, without getting results. Will #BB2018 be different?

The thing with the body is that it changes according to the demands imposed upon it. So if you change what you’re doing your body will change accordingly.

This challenge is designed to give you a wide variety of exercise that you’ll enjoy. We’ll be using relaxing walks (best outdoors with a pooch but I’m biased), tempo strength training for gaining lean and toned muscles as well as metabolic conditioning circuits. We’ll also guide you through nutritional habits and giving you some new recipes for best results. We think this is really where the rubber hits the road. Because we know that if we simply give you a plan to follow long term compliance (if any compliance at all) is slim to none. So by giving you habits that last a lifetime you will not only get great results during the challenge but also afterwards as well.

  1. My hormones are troubling me (pre/post natal & peri/post menopausal), will this help?

Training women is my specialty. It’s what I do. Because I love it. And I have PCOS which a hormonal condition meaning that losing and maintaining weight is more difficult than normal. As I have come to terms with this I have also put myself through a ton of education so that I can truly understand the factors that affect both these types of conditions as well as menopause.

You can rest assured that throughout any stage of female life that this challenge is designed to support female hormones. If you’d like to ask me any questions specific to you then ask away during the #FBLives in the Members Lounge.

  1. How will this make me feel?

Well for that I reckon it’s best for you to see what other people have said:

What kind of results can I expect?

The average compliance during the last bodybreakthrough was 72%, and the average weight loss was 6.6lb during the two weeks with the highest amount being 14lbs.

But the results go deeper than that – feeling confident, sexy and powerful. Being able to ditch the scales. Having the tools in place to go forwards. Being able to play with kids & grandchildren more easily. Capable to go on to train for half marathons and do Tough Mudder races to name a few.

The accountability and support is one of the main components of the challenge which our previous BBer’s, just like you, have loved the most. It’s really made a difference for them and I know it’ll do the same for you. I’ve done multiple programs both in groups and individuals as well as program only programs and gropu masterminds. The ones that have worked the best for me have been those that provide accountability. That’s why I’ve made this such a big part of the #BB2018. This gets you going when you feel off track and keeps you going when you’re moving.

The challenge is massively going to give you a sense of ownership so that you can make the best choices for you, your lifestyle and your goal.

Education – Entertainment – Empowerment

It’s all in store when you’re ready and willing to commit.

  1. How do I sign up?

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