About Us



Being born in South Africa, moving to the UK and then to Kuwait has given me the opportunity to meet so many different people and make some amazing friends on the way. I began personal training in 2008 after finishing University. I haven’t looked back since.

I started training myself properly during my second year of university. At this point I was super skinny, very body conscious and had very little self-confidence. For me training was a way to deal with these issues. Becoming a personal trainer seemed like the best way for me to assist those in a similar place to where I was. Also I really enjoyed being in the gym and I get to go to work in shorts and a T-shirt, that’s pretty cool to me.

As a personal trainer I have help countless people achieve their health and fitness goals. There are a couple that stand out for me. I had a client who when we first started training together did not enjoy the gym, the environment or anything about being there for that matter. That’s quite a difficult place to start. By the time she left for her holiday she was in the gym on her own training and enjoying it. For me, I also feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel and experience new and very different cultures. This has not only help develop me as a person but also given me the opportunity to develop and improve within the health and fitness industry. It also put me in a position to meet my very beautiful and supportive wife.

As a coach and trainer I am always learning. I think the most useful things I have picked up along the way are to understand the importance of feedback and communication. To make a client feel valued as a person while continuously asking for their opinion and feedback has led not only to my development as a trainer but also to fantastic client satisfaction and retention.

I stand for an open, honest and trustworthy level of communication. I want you, as a client and friend, to be completely happy and comfortable so it is a simple task to trust the process and believe in what you’re doing. Once we start training together I will put in place the plans and structures necessary for you to not only achieve your goals but to stay consistent with them. We don’t use the word diet here. It’s all about sustainable lifestyle choices.

What am I looking forward to the most? To build a presence that allows for like-minded people to come together, share experiences and develop in a truly positive way.

I truly believe that I have the empathy, knowledge and experience to assist and empower you to achieve both your health and fitness goals in an easy to manage, sustainable way.

My goals for the future are to build the Nlperform brand. In turn this will give anyone who is willing the opportunity to start on the road to success in health, fitness and life.



I am a facilitator of change, co-creator of NLPerform and a little Ray of Sunshine. I’ve coached clients for a decade throughout the world through face-to-face training, group training and online resources. I am a recognized leader, training trainers via internationally recognized professional development company PTA Global.

My journey into coaching health and fitness hasn’t been straight forwards. Having been almost 100kg as well as almost 45kg I have had an unhealthy relationship with my body since my mid-teenage years. I yo-yo’d and have been uncomfortable in my skin for truthfully 15 years. I became a trainer quite selfishly – I believed that if I learnt how to get others into shape I’d be able to myself. I remained a coach because I learnt that health and fitness was about so much more than looking a certain way. I coach because it allows me to change lives; I have a passion to help women through the journey to freedom from diets, self loathing and restriction towards self belief, empowerment and fun.

During my time as a coach some of my proudest moments have been assisting clients successfully to full function after paralysis and out of disordered eating/body shaming patterns. I really enjoy educating – sharing my own passion for living a fulfilled life via nourishing food, movement and mental strength.

One of my biggest learning’s from PTA Global co-founder Ian O’Dwyer of OD on Movement is to question everything. Ask yourself (and the body) what feels good and right rather than telling it – you may be surprised as to what magic is unlocked.

I value courage, creativity and compassion – I believe these three attributes truly allow each person to live in each present moment becoming their best self.

My clients receive from me empathy, confidence and trust. Through a variety of methods from motivational interviewing, mBIT life coaching, personal training, sports nutrition, massage and hands on manipulation I have tailored systems and tools that adapt to each client to provide a safe environment for change.

I look forwards to helping as many people as I can to really commit to changing their lives towards freedom from the constraints of strict dieting, exercising and over-reaching to health.

I believe everybody has the capacity to feel awesome, live their best life and build a healthy lifestyle.

It is my dream to help YOU find the courage, compassion and self belief to be your best you. To finally become free from negative self-talk, being too hard on yourself or simply not trusting your intuition. I know that with small, scalable habit changes that your lifestyle can change for the better if you want it to. I urge you to take control of your destiny, enjoy each moment and truly nourish your min, body and soul.

Whether you want training, postural work, nutritional assistance, help to break free from strict dieting cycles or something entirely bespoke I am here to listen, adapt and empower you with the skills and tools. Contact me now to see and feel the difference.